DC Plastics Recycling

Cleaning up your world

Quality recyclers of polyethylene plastics

Cleaning up your world


DC Plastics is the largest in KZN with collection points around the country, and thus, an integral player in the ever-important process of transforming potential environmental hazards into a variety of reusable material.



Understanding the need for balance, we employ and empower members of the local community, whilst making use of the most sought-after imported machinery in our field. The result is sizeable volumes of superior quality.



In an age where global demand for raw materials results in far-reaching ecological consequences, we provide an alternative that not only makes business-sense, but common sense too.

Cleaning up your world

One of the biggest challenges of our generation is to protect our environment. By helping us recycle your plastics, you can play your part in this challenge.

At DC Plastics we recycle 400 tons of scrap plastic every month

That is the same as 4 elephants and 2 blue whales, or 80 elephants each month!

400 Tons of Plastic Recycling Every Month

How we do it

In search for the ideal post consumer recycling technology we experienced that conventional technology does not meet today's requirements in daily recycling practice.

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Our products are of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on our fast turn time in pelletizing and shredding.

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Statistically Speaking


Our machines save energy and save costs. We benefit from up to 10% less energy consumption.

Your Home

95% of our products are used in-house to manufacture products for your home. Learn More


100% of the plastic we recycle is polyethylene.